Appenzeller® Croissants with Melon

Appenzeller® Croissants with Melon

Makes 5
Preparation time: 5 min


  • 5 croissants
  • 10 slices Appenzeller® Black Label
  • 5 slices cantaloupe melon
  • rocket salad/arugula


  1. Slice the croissants horizontally, without cutting all the way through.
  2. Fill each croissant with two slices of cheese and a slice of melon.
  3. Add the rocket salad and enjoy.

There is no doubt that the croissant is a breakfast classic. Do you bake croissants from scratch, use store-bought puff pastry or are lucky to buy newly baked croissants from a nearby bakery? Either way, the croissant is a must on any breakfast table. These flaky buttery croissants filled with Appenzeller® with its mild yet salty flavor, together with sweet melon and peppery rocket salad create a lovely combination of flavors.


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Enjoy your mornings,

Minna Vauhkonen

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