Emotions and memories

Emotions and memories

Minna Vauhkonen, one of the recipe creators for The Soul of Breakfast lives of creating food stories that create emotions and memories. Same goes with her selection of music to go with the breakfast.

”In the mornings and during breakfast I like to listen to calming or feel good music. It gives nice energy and good vibes for the day ahead.” says Minna. She emphasizes that she absolutely has music on when cooking and on set when styling or shooting food.

”Like food, music evokes emotions and memories. A dish as well as a song can have a huge meaning to a person or remind of a special place. I feel we also connect types of music with certain foods. For example, if I hear italian music, I’m instantly craving pasta.” 

”At the breakfast and dinner table, we always have some music playing in the background. I like to have it on, but not too distracting, so the focus is on the conversations at the table and enjoying the food. After dinner we often turn the volume up and dance with my girls.”

Here’s Minna’s The Soul of Breakfast playlist:

Enjoy your mornings,

Minna Vauhkonen

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