Martin Nordin

Martin Nordin

First things first. The rest will follow.

The man who makes rough beautiful.

If you’re going to spend 20 years in a business that’s constantly changing, you’d better learn how to reinvent yourself. It’s a survival skill.

At least, that’s been the case with me and my career in advertising. I started out as an Art Director at some big network agencies. Then spent 11 years in various creative roles at IKEA, working my way up to Global Creative Leader for IKEA Food. In these roles I’ve done it all. Every type of media in every format. Print, film, omni-channel marketing content, you name it.

What I love most about this business are the fascinating people you meet. You get inside their worlds. Experience their passion for what they do first-hand. I feel lucky that some of their passion has rubbed off on me. Food photography, food styling and two cookbooks have all been added to my CV.

What began as a traditional career in a traditional business has become anything but. And today, as a freelance consultant, I enjoy using what I’ve learned from my experiences to enrich the new projects I take on. Whatever they may be.

Enjoy your mornings,

Martin Nordin

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